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New BiSecur app: Entrance doors, garage doors and entrance gate can now also be operated on the go

In 2011, H?rmann introduced the new BiSecur radio system. Even supercomputers would require several tens of thousands of years to crack this radio signal. In addition to security, the system also has lots to offer when it comes to comfort: An LED on the handtransmitter indicates whether the garage door or entrance gate is open or closed at the press of a button. Pressing another button then moves the door or gate to the desired position.

The newly developed BiSecur app for smartphones and tablets not only combines security and comfort, but can also show whether the garage door or entrance gate is still open or closed from anywhere in the world. These can then be opened or closed as needed using the app. The entrance door can also be controlled intelligently and reports whether or not it is locked at the press of a button. The app offers an additional “scenario” function for recurring situations, such as the daily “coming home”, in which first the entrance gate is activated and then the garage door is opened. It allows the same exact actions to be performed automatically at the press of a button.

Up to 10 users can be configured in the app with different levels of authorization. For example, the neighbor can open the entrance gate to water the plants, but not the garage or entrance door. The app has been available for iOS and Android free of charge.